Alcohol Swab Dispenser QUICKPAD®

Practical and efficient

The QUICKPAD® alcohol swab dispenser, being sterilised and physiologically verified as harmless, is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting the skin. The active agent 2-propanol acts as an effective, "mild on skin" disinfecting agent. The patented "swab tear-off" system allows for the single use of the swab. This makes QUICKPAD® not only economical but also efficient in its use.

Quality and Endurance

The lid of the QUICKPAD® alcohol swab dispenser container seals air-tight, keeping the alcohol swabs moist. As a result, the swab dispenser has a particularly long shelf life of 24 months.

Please note that for pharmaceutical QUICKPAD®, the corresponding safety instruction is applicable.

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  • Single swab tear-off system allows for an efficient and economical use
  • Fill Level control due to transparent container
  • Retains moisture and sterility
  • Physiologically harmless non-woven swab
  • Available in three practical sizes (only as cosmetic)
  • Suitable for self-application by the patient
  • Ready for use
  • Made in Germany Quality

Range of Application

QUICKPAD® is supplied ready for use and with its simple operation, can be used by specialists as well as patients for disinfecting the skin. An ideal product for diabetics and other users of subcutaneous self-injection syringes.

Product range

The Quickpad® swap dispenser is available is available in three different sizes, MINIPAD®, QUICKPAD® und BIGPAD®.

size dispencer
(L x W x H in mm)
50 x 50 x 50 50 x 50 x 80 62 x 62 x 75
Number of swabs per dispencer 50 150 100
size swabs (L x B in mm) 44 x 44 44 x 44 58 x 58