Waste Container QUICKSAFE®

The compact and safe sharps container.

QUICKSAFE® is a storage container for sharp and contaminated used articles, for example needles for injection purposes. QUICKSAFE® is compact and consequently can be used in nearly every clinical environment.

With its "double re-sealable-system", the QUICKSAFE® is particularly safe in its use.

An additional safety feature from QUICKSAFE® is its irreversible locking feature. When the container is full, the sliding closure can be closed and the red lever is positioned to allow it to be pressed into the engaging slot. With a little pressure, the red lever locks and is irremovable. The QUICKSAFE® remains locked and cannot be opened again.

image ©Holtsch-Med


  • double safety feature with "double re-sealable- system"
  • Permanent locking of the full container for increased safety
  • Intuitional use
  • Compact size, saving space and versatile in use
  • Suitable for patient use


Alongside its use in the professional medical industry, the QUICKSAFE® is due to its compact size and the highest safety features also suitable for personal patient use, for example diabetes patients and other users of single use needles.