Allpurpose holder DRACULA ®

All-purpose box holder, unique for clinical rubber glove boxes and tissue boxes.

Space saving, ergonomic, efficient. DRACULA® all-purpose box holder is due to its two attachment systems, suitable for nearly every environment, providing a practical space saving solution.

The flexible and stable attachment system allows a single handed use for fast and efficient work.

DRACULA® is suitable for use with all commercially available packaging sizes due to its patented sprung clamp. Attachment of DRACULA® can be either via the adhesive strips or via the built in wall mountings.

image ©Holtsch-Med


  • Suitable for use with all commercially available packaging sizes
  • Single handed operation
  • Comes with two fixing systems
  • Space saving

Areas of application

The DRACULA® universal bracket can be used within all hygienically sensitive areas. Whether it is in the hospital, medical practice, in the laboratory or in the air-lock or additionally at work or in the household, DRACULA® offers an ideal storage solution for example one-way/ latex rubber gloves and these alike.